<BGSOUND balance=0 src="lyde/filling.wav" volume=0> In my age, some days are more boring than other days,
BUT then i relax, by music as i'm buying

or i'm surfing the net trying to find a good laugh
one i can look at again and again is this one,
enjoy him he's worth waiting for.
I found him on

In a job as mine, there could be language problems,
BUT i never ran in problems as big as this guy .
I found him on

People often says, why don't you have children??
click here to get the answer
I found it on

In our hitec age, there's a war between the mobile giants
look here

I love music, and found those gentlemen playing

When you're driving as much as I do, the's and old joke, about women and cars
look what happens when a woman has the steering wheel
I found those clips here

Everyone needs a haircut
look what happened, last i was at the haircutter's place
send me an E-mail, if you know where the original clip is hosted

When you use a lot of time in your car
it's important, that your radio sound is ok
I found it on

Sometimes, it's a busy world, and you need to keep you consentrate
look at this guy
I found it here


And once again, i've found a video, as you MUST see
have a look girls perhaps you can learn some tricks

I found it here