<BGSOUND SRC="lyde/WOND.mid"> Click somewhere on the drawing, and explore all about the owner How the weather is, in my local area Your Horoscope, sorry only in danish My Guestbook when i'm driving, you can see where I was driving to Do we have a life aafter this?? Even I have a sexual life Mail me what can an old wheelbarrow include?? Fun, or what amuses me, when i'm sitting here Pictures of me have a look, and see if something could interest you One upon a time, it wasn't easy to be a dane, and have a name including Æ,Ø orÅ.
So that was the start of LAKEFARM, an translation of the danish SØGAARD
Move your mouse around the drawing aand explore all the secrets.
Try for instance to click on the windows beside the front door.

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